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   Officers of the Lincolnshire Photographic Association


President  -  Brian Gromett  
Vice President - Ron Abbott  
From darkroom black and white to digital, from slide-tape to digital audio-visual I’ve always enjoyed my photography. When I moved to Boston in the 1970s (intending to stay for five years) I joined Boston Camera Club and enjoyed complaining about judges' decisions over a pint of Double Diamond. Life took over and I didn't find time to attend, but in 2005 I was encouraged to join Horncastle Photographic Society and this rekindled my interest in competitive photography. Older and wiser now, I complain about judges' decisions over a cup of coffee. I was invited to take on club duties - President, Competition Secretary, and Programme Secretary among them. Attendance at LPA Delegates’ meetings resulted in my taking on the Presidency of the Association. I help with the organisation of county PDI competitions and the Fosters Colour Print Challenge.  Despite the decades behind the lens I haven't found a favoured style: I’m open to any form of photography, and the LPA AV Group provides a forum for creating more imaginative sequences. I think I’ve found my niche in Lincolnshire: I’ll probably stay!
Past President -  Alan Tyrer  

I've been interested in photography since I was a teenager. I started with fairly basic 35mm film cameras gradually progressing to fancier equipment as I could afford it. I first got into developing and printing in the darkroom at University learning as I went along. I was editor and photographer of the College newspaper which was great fun. My working life entailed a fair amount of experience with different cameras and also developing and printing. I used to photograph anything that moved (or didn't which was easier). Of course film was always expensive and the cost limited how much you could shoot. Despite efforts in a home darkroom (which I found tedious) and commercial processing, I was generally disappointed and thought my efforts deserved better results. My equipment had reduced to compact 35mm cameras in later years as I became less interested in the hobby.

Then along came the revolution of digital photography. Photography was now exciting again and the results could be viewed, edited and printed almost instantaneously. I joined Cleethorpes Camera Club when they were just starting to dabble in image editing and quickly became active on the committee. I do enjoy seeing how members skills develop when they are in a good club where it is possible to pass on our individual skills.

I think the LPA is a great organisation which brings together so many clubs whose members have such tremendous talents. The LPA is able to put on a variety of competitions and events which individual clubs cannot. I hope club members will continue to support and volunteer their services to keep this organisation in such fine shape.

 Secretary Position Vacant






 Treasurer  -  Steve Haw  


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