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   Officers of the Lincolnshire Photographic Association


President  -  Brian Gromett  
Vice President - Ron Abbott  
From calling at the chemist's shop to collect my black and white prints to waiting for my colour slides to come back through the post processed and mounted to sifting through hundreds of digital images on a memory card, I have always enjoyed my photography. It was once my wish that slide mounts would have a small knob I could turn to alter the brightness; now with a computer I have so much control over the final image. I have also progressed from slide-tape to digital audio-visual, and enjoy the creativity this medium allows. When I moved to Boston in the 1970s (intending to stay for five years) I joined Boston Camera Club and enjoyed complaining about judges' decisions over a pint of Double Diamond. Life took over and I didn't find time to attend, but in 2005 I was encouraged to join Horncastle Photographic Society and rekindled my interest in competitive photography. Older and wiser now, I complain about judges' decisions over a cup of coffee. I alternate being President and Vice-President of my club on an annual basis, and was one of the founders of the LPA Audio-Visual Group. Over the years the LPA Symposium and the N&EMPF Conference have widened my horizons and introduced me to new techniques. Despite the decades behind the lens I haven't found a favoured style. If it's in front of me or I travel to see it, I photograph it. I hope my closer involvement with the LPA will help me, and, if I can, I hope to help others.
Past President -  Alan Tyrer  

I've been interested in photography since I was a teenager. I started with fairly basic 35mm film cameras gradually progressing to fancier equipment as I could afford it. I first got into developing and printing in the darkroom at University learning as I went along. I was editor and photographer of the College newspaper which was great fun. My working life entailed a fair amount of experience with different cameras and also developing and printing. I used to photograph anything that moved (or didn't which was easier). Of course film was always expensive and the cost limited how much you could shoot. Despite efforts in a home darkroom (which I found tedious) and commercial processing, I was generally disappointed and thought my efforts deserved better results. My equipment had reduced to compact 35mm cameras in later years as I became less interested in the hobby.

Then along came the revolution of digital photography. Photography was now exciting again and the results could be viewed, edited and printed almost instantaneously. I joined Cleethorpes Camera Club when they were just starting to dabble in image editing and quickly became active on the committee. I do enjoy seeing how members skills develop when they are in a good club where it is possible to pass on our individual skills.

I think the LPA is a great organisation which brings together so many clubs whose members have such tremendous talents. The LPA is able to put on a variety of competitions and events which individual clubs cannot. I hope club members will continue to support and volunteer their services to keep this organisation in such fine shape.

 Secretary  -  Maria Rhoades  

I have always enjoyed taking “snaps”  on automatic settings, using compact cameras. When Bill, my husband, retired 16 years ago he purchased his first DSLR camera and off we would go. I kept seeing subjects that I wanted to take so would ask to “borrow” the camera. Needless to say Bill found he could only take back control by buying me a camera. We have enjoyed photography as a hobby together for many years. In that time we have made many really good friends and acquaintances, all enjoying the same hobby. We joined Scunthorpe Camera Club around 10 years ago, best thing ever. We have learned so much from fellow members and listening to judges. Competitions are a great way of getting feedback (even if you don't always agree). Who would be a judge? I particularly enjoy the LPA Print Battles. It's great to hear the comments on the club's photos by 3 different judges, all the different suggestions and ideas.  It is for these reasons I am happy to take on this post and try to give a little back to the club. Oh and yes, I have used soften skin in LR….

 Treasurer  -  Steve Haw  


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